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What Is Reflexology?

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a method of diagnosis and treatment of physical and emotional problems involving the massaging of pressure points on the feet.

All of the human body’s systems and organs are reflected in the feet. Each part and point on the feet reflects a particular area of the body. Pressure and massage of these points treats and alleviates a range of medical problems throughout the body.

Reflexology treatment stimulates blood circulation, improves the functioning of various body systems, brings balance and helps the natural healing power of the body and soul.

The word Reflexology is divided into two parts:

  1. Reflex – represents the reflection of the body as well as mind and soul in the feet. In addition, touching the feet causes a reaction in the body.
  2. Logic.​

There is evidence that such treatments were in use some 2000-3000 years ago in the Far East and Egypt.

However, today’s Reflexology was founded at the beginning of the last century when the surgeon, Dr William Fitzgerald, conducted various studies of his patients and realised that pressing different points of the foot causes pain relief or anaesthesia of an organ. Dr Fitzgerald called this method the Zone Therapy and the feet were mapped by the various body systems.

Working alongside Dr Fitzgerald was a physiotherapist and a nurse called Eunice Ingham.
She perfected, improved and shaped the method to the present reflexology practices of today. Nurse Ingham named the method Reflexology. She created the first Reflexologist map and wrote the first Reflexology book called: “Stories the Feet Can Tell”.

Over the years, Reflexology has been recognised by conventional medicine as a complementary and effective way of treatment for a variety of body and mind medical conditions.

Nowadays, Reflexology is common in medical institutions and hospitals as a supplementary medical treatment in Oncology divisions.