Mobile Reflexology


Reflexology therapy is a treatment for medical problems both physically and emotionally which is achieved through pressing and massaging points in the feet which affect organs and body systems.

The treatment is done fully clothed except for the feet which should be exposed (preferably up to the knee). In most cases, the patient lies down. They can also be treated while sitting, although this is less efficient. The treatment is conducted with some soothing background music.

During the treatment, based on the personal preference of the patient and the therapy requirements, I use a fine Shea butter, organic coconut oil and a variety of natural creams and oils. These contain no chemicals and have not been tested on animals. In addition to the effectiveness of the treatment, the use of these products allows moisturising enrichment of the feet.

Reflexology can help treat a variety of medical problems including:
Headaches, digestive disorders, hormonal disorders, irregular menstrual cycles, sleep disorders, heart and blood pressure problems, muscle pain and respiratory problems.
In addition, reflexology helps detoxification and stimulates the immune system.
Reflexology treatment relieves tension, brings balance and general relaxation.

Definitely. Over the years, reflexology has been recognised by conventional medicine as a complementary and effective way of treatment for a variety of body and mind medical problems. Today, Reflexology treatments are recommended by medical institutions and hospitals as a complement to Western medical treatments. Patients who take medication and undergo various medical treatments can be helped by reflexology to treat and relieve their medical problems. Treatment is done on the feet without any physical contact with the other organs of the body. This allows the treatments to serve as a complementary therapy where other methods of alternative medicine cannot.

Reflexology therapy specializations includes pregnant women, through children, older adults and elderly, which makes it a proposed method of treatment for all ages.

Patients can have some areas that will be more sensitive to touch. These areas are individual to each patient and often relate to the medical problem that needs to be treated. The goal of reflexology treatment is not to cause pain. In cases of hypersensitivity, the pressing and massaging of the feet are done in a softer way.
The combination of relaxing surroundings and treatment brings a peaceful feeling and sometimes even a light sleep.

Reflexology treatment consists of a number of sessions. The introductory meeting will consist of comprehensive questioning about the patient’s medical problems, as well as lifestyle and overall health. This is to allow professional assessment and to build a customised treatment plan. In each session, changes in the patient’s condition are checked and the treatment plan is updated accordingly. The number of treatments is subjective and depends on many factors. Some ailments require a relatively small number of meetings, whilst serious and chronic problems require more.

The treatments are undertaken in a clinic in central Tel Aviv, 200₪ for an hour-long session.

Home treatments can be booked by appointment. (Tel Aviv area), 250₪

Reflexology also offers an individual therapy called “one-off”. This treatment stimulates blood circulation, helps to balance the body and promotes relaxation. This treatment is excellent for those who want to take time away from their busy routine and indulge in a relaxing and balanced treatment, performing a “reboot” of the body and return to feeling peaceful and refreshed. As a “one-off” treatment, there is no limit to the number that can be given with some patients preferring “one-off” treatments on a weekly or monthly basis.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of reflexology treatments, I recommend a waiting period of 3-7 days between one treatments.

You can choose between 45 minutes or an hour session.

The sessions are taking place at the comfort of your own home! (Most areas of London).

Certainly. You can order an indulgent session as a gift for someone else. For companies wishing to treat their employees, you can also book days/half days of treatment in the workplace.

For further questions, write to me and I will happily answer …