Mobile Reflexology


"I also had the privilege of having a treatment by Yaron.
Yaron has a huge soul and a pair of golden hands!
In the first session, I had a whole series of questions to check which problems to focus on in the treatment, after we focused on the main problems Yaron built a unique treatment plan for me to give a point-by-point answer to each and every problem. Apart from the fact that Yaron's treatments were soothing and at the end I felt as if I was "walking on a cloud", I also had significant improvements in the physiological aspect thanks to the treatment.
There is no doubt that Yaron puts his heart and soul into each and every treatment. This is something that you feel from the moment you are greeted by him until the moment you walk out the door. The treatment experience is amazing and it is done with a smile and love! Highly recommend !!"
Givaat Shmuel
"I would like to recommend Yaron Zvi's experience of reflexology treatment.
The treatment takes place on a comfortable treatment bed. Only the feet are exposed and the patient's modesty is maintained at every stage.
During the treatment I lay on the treatment bed and relished every single moment. I was aware of each and every muscle and skin cell in the body that Yaron touched. The touch and massage are pleasant and addictive. At the end of the treatment I had already thought about ordering the next treatment.
During the treatment, Yaron uses fine oils that, in addition to their great scent, leave the foot full of healthy moisture. Nice relaxing music plays in the background which helps to calm the mind and brain from thoughts and even allows you to fall asleep. I think that every person who loves himself should give his body and soul this positive experience of such a treatment."
Tel Aviv
"In the beginning, Yaron's reflexology treatments were my gift to myself. A gift which quickly became a necessity. My time under Yaron's experienced hands is the best time of the week. Pleasant and professional touch. Yaron is going above and beyond to make the treatment as effective and pleasant. I admit that at first I was skeptical about reflexology, but I soon realized that this is a treatment that works, cures and helps. Certainly when it done in a pleasant, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Blessed are the feet Yaron is their therapist."
Tel Aviv
"I underwent reflexology treatment for about an hour with Yaron and it was a pleasure.
I came without any special problems, mainly in order to relax and indulge.
With his professional, pleasant and calm approach, Yaron managed to make the treatment especially enjoyable.
Highly recommend also to those who suffer from some problem, but also to those who just want to take a short break from the daily stress and just enjoy the fun."
Tel Aviv
"Hi Yaron, I was able to sleep through the night 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Thank you Thank you Thank you"
"Thank you very much Yaron,
Yossi felt really amazing during and after the treatment. bless you."
"Thank you very much for the dedicated care Yaron. bless you. Blessed hands."
"Dear Yaron.
Again I want to thank you for your dedicated, meaningful and accurate and treatment.
I really enjoyed it.
Your special touch is felt until now. An absolute present!
Thank you very much🙏❤️"
"The treatment did me really good! You are also charming and radiates warmth and emotion so everything together was really nice experience"
"Was really great. I usually suffer from "heavy legs" I got up this morning much lighter and more energetic. When is the next treatment?"
"Thank you for the perfect treatment and for the listening and empathy"
"In the process I am going through
I'm very glad I met you on the way
Thank you👏👏
Thank you for your excellent care with all
The heart👏👏.
Thanks for the information
Will be in touch🌹💓"
"Thank you Yaron. Thank you for a great relaxing and professional treatment. 🙏🏼🙏🏼"
Thank you very much - the effect of the treatment are evident in every step I take 🙏🏻
Beer Sheba