Reflexology and Integrative Medicine

Healthy Natural Diet

Each and every Integrative or conventional medicine treatment is not complete without a good, natural, healthy and balanced diet.

The main causes of disease and health problems are:
1. Stress & anxiety.
2. Unhealthy and unbalanced diet.

The presence of one of these factors, let alone a combination of both, can cause a variety of health problems.

While there is a need for a more complex treatment of problems such as stress and anxiety,  the change towards maintaining a healthy, natural and balanced diet is much less so.

It is strongly recommended not to make fast and radical change but to take a controlled and gradual approach which will help your body become accustomed quicker to a new and healthy place.

In general, there is a need to avoid processed food. Such foods do not contain any significant nutritional value, and worse, contain large amounts of hazardous and unhealthy substances that endanger our health!

The return of eating natural, unprocessed and unmodified food greatly improves the health of the body. It prevents many diseases, strengthens the immune system, increases vitality & energy levels and improves the skin and hair’s appearance.

In this section, various articles of mine about natural and healthy diet are published from time to time and include a few tips, ideas and important information.

Comprehensive and more extensive information about this subject is given during my natural and healthy diet lectures and workshops.

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