Reflexology and Integrative Medicine

LGBT and Reflexology

Yaron Tzvi – Professional Reflexologist Unfortunately, in most countries of the world (even in the most advanced ones) people of the LGBT community, experience more stress and fears and also face more difficulties in life than heterosexuals. On the one hand, there are people who live deep in the closet and lead a double life. […]

Reflexology in a Western and Holistic Approach

Reflexology – body and mind, a combination of the Western and holistic approach Reflexology is a method of diagnosing and treating physical and emotional problems through massage and pressure on the feet. All systems and organs of the human body are reflected in the feet. Each area and point on the legs reflects a particular […]

Hopi candles – the art of delicate healing

A bit of history: Fire has always been a source of heat and lighting but the Indians from a tribe called Hopi in North America have also made fire a natural and very effective means of treatment. They used fire and hollow candles in the shape of cones as part of an ancient healing technique. […]

Sugar – the sweet enemy

Although it causes many health problems, sugar is one of the key ingredients in the Western diet. The truth is that the human body and the brain need sugar to function and the soul deserves a little pampering from time to time. The problem is that today, sugar is consumed when it is industrialized, processed […]

Herbs = Herbs

There is no kitchen that does not star herbs of one kind or another. They give flavor, color, aroma and enrich many dishes and dishes. In addition to their culinary contribution, herbs also have another side that may not be known to everyone. Herbs are used as excellent herbs for a variety of symptoms and […]

Food colors and their effect on our health

Much of the damage done to us from industrialized food comes from the food colors that are widely used in the various food industries. Even seemingly innocent products like pasta and different types of noodles contain food coloring! The term “food coloring” is very misleading, as the word “food” ostensibly confirms that it is something […]

What types of flour are healthier?

Today it is already known that white flour is not nutritious, unhealthy and contributes almost nothing to our body. Worse, it has a high glycemic value (causes the blood sugar level to rise rapidly). Based on this figure, many of us prefer to buy in the retail chains and bakeries from the variety of breads […]